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Full Service Cleaning

Full Service Cleaning

Our Price: $33.75

Product Code: XTG-FSC

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Full Service Cleaning entails:

Performing a functions check to identify any operational problems.
Full disassembly of parts.
Cleaning all parts and checking for cracks, damage or abnormal wear.
If any parts are found to be in need or replacement, we will contact you to discuss your options.
Re-assemble and perform another functions check for proper operation of the platform.

We use Frog Lube™ exclusively during this process. There are two reasons we use Frog Lube™. It is an environmentally safe product which performs flawlessly in our experience. And most importantly, it is a non-toxic product, which means it is safe to use and is not a health hazard.

We are aware of the claims/reports of individuals using this product and then having reliability issues with their platform in colder temperatures. While we cannot speculate as to the circumstances reference to these claims/reports, we can advise that we have had no issues ourselves. We live in a northern state and it gets very cold and we have not experienced any reliability issues.

It is our position if you use the product as you have used previous gun oils in the past, using excessive oil for lubrication; this can cause issues. Frog Lube™ is formulated to be wiped on and wiped off with very little excess left on the part. Frog Lube™ bonds with the metal surface and embeds itself in the metal surface, this bond actually gets stronger as the part is heated up. That is why when applying Frog Lube™ to any parts, you should have a hair dryer handy and heat up your parts during the application process.

So rest assured we believe in the product and have used it for years ourselves without issue.

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