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Providing firearms training classes to assist you in preparing to protect yourself and/or your loved ones.

Concealed firearms courses being offered for the State of Montana and Utah. Advanced courses to push yourself to reach your greatest potential in self-protection.

NRA certified courses to assist you in your training program to become a safe and effective shooter. Offering training in pistol, rifle & shotgun disciplines as well as personal defense.

With 10 years of prior law enforcement service in a major southwest metropolitan area, we offer a full service private investigating service to meet your most demanding requirements to settle your cases in a timely and efficient manner.

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Basic Concealed Carry Course - Meets Montana State Requirements Concealed Carry Course for Women NRA Certified Basic Pistol Course
NRA Certified Basic Rifle Course NRA Certified Basic Shotgun Course NRA Certified First Steps Course - Pistol
NRA Certified First Steps Course - Rifle NRA Certified First Steps Course - Shotgun