Xtreme Tactical Gear

As the Founder/Owner/President of Xtreme Tactical Gear and having spent the better part of my young professional life as a Deputy Sheriff in a large metropolitan city and I understand the conditions facing our extreme professionals today.

Here at Xtreme Tactical Gear we strive to offer top quality products which have been tested in extreme conditions. Top quality means you pay a little more up front for the product, but in most cases these are American made products. You can be proud knowing you are supporting our economy and the American worker. This is another way each and every one of us can serve our nation and communities.

I'm sure we have all experienced buying a product just to have it fail/break in our time of need. Then we have to decide to buy the same product again or look for another product which will get the job done. The age old adage; of buy once, cry once; really applies.With this in mind, name brand products are not necessarily top quality, even though in a lot of cases they are, but usually you also pay for the name. We have tried to offer products that offer the best quality for the price and not the name.

For our extreme professionals; they understand, quality means life. Unfortunately, a lot of our extreme professionals are grossly under-payed. We are a small startup business and we want to support our extreme professionals. We will always strive to offer a top quality product at affordable prices.

As for our responsibly armed citizens; a life-time guarantee will not mean a whole lot to you if it fails you in extreme conditions. We believe you should have the best possible equipment to last you for the longest possible time to give you the edge you need to come through.

We also understand budgets impact decisions. We offer a line of products made in foreign countries. Some of this equipment may or may not survive the extreme conditions that we may face. It is a personal choice for all, one way to look at it is, it is better to have something you will need, than not have anything you will need. The choice is yours and we give you options. Our personal advise is, if you can save for what you need in a short period of time, save and buy USA.