About Us
Our Vision

Xtreme Tactical Gear, LLC.

As the Managing Member of Xtreme Tactical Gear, LLC. I have spent the better part of my young professional life as a Deputy Sheriff in a large metropolitan city and a large rural county in Arizona. I understand the conditions we face on a day to day basis. Personal protection and preparedness is important, I believe more so now than ever before. The uncertainty we face today is unprecedented. I strive to provide products which taken as a whole can assist you in preparing for our uncertain future. Being a Boy Scout when I was younger, I have lived my life within the Boy Scout motto, "Be Prepared". I believe it is better to, 'have and not need; than, need and not have'. I also believe in the adage, 'one is none, two is one'. Again, these are personal philosophies I strive to live everyday. For those of you who are like minded, I invite you to visit us and start down your road of personal protection and preparedness. No matter if you've been preparing for your whole life or if this is your first step in this direction, we are here to advise, instruct and provide you with the products and services you need.

I started Xtreme Tactical Gear in an effort to keep serving my community and to give back some of the knowledge and experience I have gained in my professional career. I believe serving our fellow brothers and sisters is the ultimate calling one can have. At the same time, I realize one cannot forget who provides life to us all, our God or creator. I place him at the forefront of everything I do. Without my God, I would not be where I am today. I am truly blessed and I give all Glory unto Him, no one else.

I decided to use a unique business model in starting this business. I have funded Xtreme Tactical Gear out of my own pocket and continue to do so in an effort to minimize business debt. As you may have already encountered in our store, all items are Retail Pricing. We know there are other places you could go to buy the same product cheaper and with free shipping. We only ask that you share our vision and help us achieve our goals, of building a business with as little of debt as possible. In some ways, this is similar to the different Funding options available out in the industry; except you are getting an immediate benefit of the product you are buying. Not only are you getting your product, but you are helping us build a sustainable business. We sincerely hope you can see our vision and choose to help us achieve our dream. Another part of our dream is to build a business culture which will enhance other peoples lives. Part of our business model is to hire employee's on our production lines. We want to provide a work environment similar to those businesses and corporations providing awesome work environments for their employees right now. We want to continue that trend in an effort to make it common place not the exception. I remember a time when working for one company was a life long endeavor one could retire with. One of my goals is to make it happen here at Xtreme Tactical Gear.

So what does this business model look like? Here is a glimpse into how this business model is being achieved:

1. Sell retail products
a. Build product line to meet our Company's Mission Statement
2. Sell training courses
3. Get our kydex manufacturing line in operation
a. Sell in-house kydex products
4. Acquire a commercial sewing machine
a. Produce innovation products
b. Sell our innovative products

As you can see, we are slowly achieving our goals. We have accomplished Step 1, Step 2. These steps take a lot of hard work to implement. We are fine tuning these steps right now to make them more productive in the products and services we provide. Our next goal is to setup our kydex manufacturing line to begin making kydex products to sell in our store. We are following our business strategy to accomplish our goals in a timely manner. We now need your help in your patronage as well as getting the word out. If anything I have mentioned here resonates with you, please consider helping us by preparing yourself and your loved ones. Think of it this way; prepare with materials, skills and be mentally prepared for what may lie ahead. "Prepare for the worse, pray for the best", another adage I live by on a day to day basis.

Thank you for your patronage. May God bless you.